ITSM Design

ITSM Design

Service Desk Implementation

We will examine your current help/ service desk set-up and how effectively it meets company needs. Your input is the centre of our working plan and we will tailor all developments according to your specific needs. In close consultation with you, we will device methods that meet goals and can be modified if and when company demands change. Drawing upon our history of successfully implementing efficient help desk structures, we can construct an effective design that will embellish future goals of your company and tailor it to your specific requirements.

Service Catalogue Design

A database or structured Document with information about all Live IT Services, including those available for Deployment. The Service Catalogue is the only part of the ITIL Service Portfolio published to Customers, and is used to support the sale and delivery of IT Services. The Service Catalogue includes information about deliverables, prices, contact points, ordering and request Processes.

We can develop your service catalogue, providing you with a central source of information on all the IT services that will be delivered to the business. It will also allow the business to see an accurate and consistent view of the IT services available to them. See how Assyst ITSM software can hlp you, ITSM Software

Process Development

All companies have processes of operation whether documented or not. In this current climate, businesses are being forced to undergo great change and that may have resulted in your business necessitating fresh company processes that sustain efficiency without compromising corporate expectations. We can help to identify your process gaps and develop them.

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